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Balloon Suck Activity

Supplies for Air Pressure Experiments with balloons:
Jar or glass

How to Conduct an Air Pressure balloon Experiment:

Fill the balloon with water so that it is just too large to fit down inside the jar and rests on top.

Light a piece of paper on fire and drop it into the jar. Place the balloon on top.
Balloon sitting on top of mason jar at start of air pressure experiment
The balloon will start to shake a bit, then be sucked into the jar. It probably won’t be sucked in all the way, but about halfway into the jar.
Balloon getting sucked into mason jar during air pressure experiments

Once the fire dies and the jar cools, have the students see if they can pull the balloon out. It will take a bit of work to get it loose!

How to use Air Pressure Experiments to teach children:
The reason the balloon is sucked into the jar is due to air pressure.

When the piece of paper is heated, it creates hot air, which escapes around the balloon.

The hot air escaping is what makes the balloon shake at first.

But because the balloon is made of latex, no new air enters the jar, creating a low-pressure system inside the jar, which sucks the balloon inside.

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