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Burning Candle Rising Water Science Experiment

A plate with a raised rim or a shallow bowl
Lighter or matches
Drinking glass
Optional: food coloring
Optional: Playdough

1. Place the candle in the middle of the plate or bowl.

2. Optional: If your candle can’t stand by itself, use some playdough to help it stand upright.

3. Optional: Mix water with food coloring in a separate container. The food coloring helps you see the rising water better.

4. Pour the colored water into the plate (to about 1 cm in depth).

5. Light the candle with a lighter or matchstick

6. Turn the glass or mason jar upside down and place it over the candle.

7. Watch what happens to the water when the fire is still burning, and what happens when the fire extinguishes.

Students loved watching the sudden rise in water level inside the glass so much that we did the experiment over and over again until the candle couldn’t light anymore.

Rocking Almightians learning the concepts of Science by doing .

We are Almightians …..we are the Future

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