Campus & Facilities


At  Almighty Public  School, we actively encourage lateral thinking and activity through a host of co-curricular activities for our students. The hobbies we cultivate as children enrich our lives as adults. Thus the students are exposed to a variety of activities like music, drama, dance, fine arts,and more.

The school encourages students to appear for grade examinations conducted by reputed bodies and also participates in prestigious events like the Mathematics Olympiad and the National Talent Search Examination. Even though sports & co-curricular activities are integrated in the curriculum, boarders get access to these facilities in the evenings also

Administrative Block

The Administrative Block of our campus is designed to reflect the lively and transparent character of the school. It accommodates key staff offices and departments and  the Visitors’ Lounge .

Academic Block

The buildings are networked to provide computer connectivity and each classroom is spacious, with generous provisions for ventilation, light display areas, storage and a central courtyard for natural surveillance. Supplemented with teacher workstations, Academic block becomes a self – managed working environment accommodating the needs of all learners

The Pre Primary School – Early childhood Center

The pre primary school comprising of the kindergartens are well Planned to be light, airy and child friendly, the block has a computer room, library, assembly area, a multipurpose room with a stage, anti-skid flooring and play areas complete with jungle gym, swings, slides and lots of space for children to claim as their own. Children will explore the adjoining nature zone with plant nurseries, animal petting area and sand pits.


What the classroom teaches, the laboratory demonstrates & proves. That is why, at The Almighty Public School, we have laboratories in both the sciences & humanities. Apart from fully-equipped physics, chemistry & biology laboratories for the senior school, we also have a junior science laboratory for primary school students. But joyful education is more than just sciences, hence specialized laboratories for mathematics, social studies, languages & environmental studies are also taking shape.


A source of continuous delight and discovery for students, our library is spread is an exhilarating treasure trove of information. In addition to a wide range of fiction and activity books, the library is well stocked with syllabus and reference books needed. Simple to locate and even simpler to use are the individual sections for journals and audio and video CDs. Our e-library is the resource center equipped with computers for both students and teachers, while an adjoining deck invites both silent reflection and animated brainstorming. Parents are welcome to help out in book selection and recommend reading and research material.

Indoor Outdoor Complex

Indoor Complex
Our indoor complex is well equipped to deal with the boundless energy of a school full of students not only for games but even for activities. We also have: Badminton courts, Table Tennis tables, Chess Boards, a Skating rink & a multi-purpose hall with a stage that can host full-school assemblies as well as special cultural & sporting events.
Outdoor Sports
Primary among our outdoor sports facilities are two expansive playing fields. Other outdoor sports facilities include :athletic track, play ground, Cricket field, Basketball courts.

Sports Facilities

There are few things as joyful to behold as children at play. Also, a child’s body needs to be exercised as much as the mind. We ensure that this happens in a systematic way and in a supervised environment. Thus, not only do we have the facilities for all major sports, we also have specialist coaches to make good use of the infrastructure. The school can boast of its sports facilities which are all state of the art and fit to host all tournaments.

Swimming Pool

Our swimming pool occupies a place of pride. It has a large viewer grandstand and modern filtration systems that ensure international standards of health and hygiene. With a measured shallow and deep-end and constant monitoring by life guards and the swimming coach; swimming is safe, fun and recreational.

Hobby Centre

Art and Craft Studios, The Dramatics Wing, Vocal and Instrumental Music Rooms and, Dance Studios.

Academic Support

Academic support is provided through remedial classes to students whose academic needs are too extensive to be provided for in the classroom. Promoting the student’s self image will be key to this task.


The Career Counselings Cell and a Psychological counsellor to ensure emotional health of the students. While specific problems are individually addressed and resolved, the counsellor also provides guidance to parents and works towards achieving a harmonious working environment in school.
Likewise, the career counsellors empower you to make choices and career decisions based on understanding the science behind the whole process. They help and develop career planning and decision making, maximising career opportunities, generating awareness among students of senior school.

Boarding School Facility

Separate boarding facility is provided to girls & boys. These bedrooms are provided with comfortable beds with personal pull out drawers, space for personal clothes and belongings as well as access to toilet and shower facility. Adequate number of clean toilets and showers are provided to ensure proper privacy and hygiene. The staff and Principal’s residence is in close proximity of the boarding houses.


The Almighty Public School operates a fleet of buses that ply on pre-determined routes through Hamirpur. Naturally, we insist that you or someone you trust be there in person to drop off and pick up your child from the bus stop. Our buses are regularly inspected by Quality Controllers and each bus carries a staff member with an on-board phone.

Dining Hall

Our Dining Hall is an architectural marvel. It also has a state of the art kitchen with the latest cooking equipment. Designed and installed by experts, there is huge emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene. The school serves purely vegetarian, wholesome meals. Table manners, dining graces and values are reinforced as the school sits together as a community for breakfast and lunch. All meals are supervised by teachers.

Health Care

At The Almighty Public School, students undergo a thorough medical examination at the start of each academic session and records are maintained and constantly updated. Parents are informed if their children need treatment. Counselling for parents and children as well as regular instruction on fitness, nutrition and first-aid is also provided. Medical camps are organized and check-ups done for oral, dental, Opthalmalogy and genereal health of children on an ongoing basis.

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