Rules & Regulations

  • Visits by parents will be allowed only on Sundays between 1.00 pm and 4.00 pm.
  • No student will be permitted to go on weekend leave except on exceptional circumstances.
  • Prior permission of the Principal in writing is required for proceeding on leave.
  • Late arrival will be treated as an act of indiscipline and will not be tolerated. A penalty also will be levied as in the case of late arrivals after vacation.
  • Parents are not allowed to meet the teachers in their class rooms during school hours. Any business must be transacted with the school authorities during office hours only. Parents are requested to make all complaints directly to the school authorities and not to class teachers.
  • All correspondence to the school are to be addressed to the Principal, and the name and Roll No. of the pupil should be clearly indicated.
  • Students will be allowed to go home for holidays only after working hours on the closing day. Pupil must return after the holidays on the appointed day.
  • In case of sickness the school authorities must be notified and a doctor’s certificate should be produced.
  • The Principal and the other members of the Staff will meet the Parents only by prior appointment.
  • Parents who wish to discuss his/her ward’s problem with any of the Staff members, are requested to send it in writing to the Principal and seek an appointment before coming to the school.
  • In case of breach of discipline by pupils, parents will be informed by the school authorities. In such circumstances they have to come as per the appointed time.
  • No visitors will be entertained on working days or other holidays.
  • Failure to pay fees on time will be viewed seriously and students will be sent back / escorted to the parents or guardians. Re-admission fee will be charged in addition to the late fee.
  • Students are not permitted to bring any item of food to the school. Food item brought to the school will be confiscated by the school authorities.
  • Parents are informed that occasional remarks from the teachers are sent through these pages. They are requested to go through their children’s diary regularly. In case of any suggestions they can use the parents remark page.
  • They are also requested to inform the Principal of any change of address or telephone.
  • For any damage to the School property, the replacement cost along with a fine will be imposed on the errant student. If an individual is not identified, then the same will be charged to the entire group of students involved.
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