Our Visionary

Established in 2015, our school continues to impart value based education and all round formation to the students, which help them not only acquire knowledge but to be honest and upright citizens of our country. Together with a quest for excellent academic results, the institution instils in the students an ardent love for God and neighbours enabling them to be ethically conscious, socially responsible and spiritually integrated persons. In conformity with the school Motto: “Hand to Hand, Together We Can”, the students are motivated to identify themselves with the needy and the marginalized in the society and to become service minded and benevolent to them.
The words of Margaret Mead “never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world” speak volumes of our loyal and dedicated teachers. Their commitment and self-sacrificing attitude undoubtedly make us feel we are a family. The academic excellence, involvement in co-curricular activities and social commitment of our students are the visible signs of what they receive from the school.
I thank everyone who is, in some way or the other, associated with our school and look forward to your continual support and collaboration in our endeavour towards the realization of our goal.


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