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Almighty Public School (APS) aims to nurture resilient, holistic, empathetic & lifelong learners in a multi-cultural environment, for a sustainable future. Its architectural design and wide range of facilities, not only help the students attain their fullest academic potential, but facilitate the imparting of a holistic education which addresses the physical, cultural and artistic realms.
Our commitment is to nurture children so that they develop to their full potential and are equipped to face the challenges in the future creatively and confidently. Over the next decade, Almighty Public School will evolve to become a world class institution that educate young minds for leadership and entrepreneurship. Irrespective of the curriculum we follow, we will be known for our signature programs namely; The leadership Program which provides opportunities for developing 21st Century Skills and The Entrepreneurship program which provides opportunities for developing skills to adapt in an ever changing business landscape.
Both programs will entail real life experiences, focused camps, inspiring moments with personalities, ideas for life, and moments for a Lifetime. This way, we will make a positive impact and improve the world around us.

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The campus facilities at APS Hamirpur

Our Infrastructure

The greatness of an institution lies not in its state-of-the-art infrastructure alone but on the vision, tradition, and legacy it has built itself on

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Almighty aims at making our students successful individuals and better citizens by providing them with a wholesome education....

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This School also provides day care and after school facilities for the working parents. Children are curious and playful by nature...

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Digital Classrooms

Interactive class is a comprehensive solution designed to assist educators in meeting day to day classroom challenges and enhancing .....

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At school, the library is a place to ‘Read, Imagine and explore.’ Along with instilling a love for reading through various reading activities

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Our Achievers

"Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in.....

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School Gallery

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It is a place of learning and fun where personal attention, emphasis on good habits, etiquettes, mannerisms, culture, ethics and morality are not taught but engrained in the hearts and minds of our students through experiential learning.

Community Service

Service to community is one of the pillars on which we have laid the strong foundation of Almighty Public School. As an integral part of the school, children are encouraged to find an area of service they are passionate about. Young volunteers learn to respect others,

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