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Some years in a good boarding school disciplines entire life-must for every child in the initial years. Picnic,an excursion to a historical site and much more.

Almighty  hostel- a home away from home

Almighty public school has a separate hostel modern building for boys and girls within the main campus and provides comfortable, convenient and fully secure accommodation with attached bathrooms within each dom. There are prep rooms for each class to pay individual attention to the academic needs of hostelers. Each child is provided a bed with mattress and a locked cupboard along with separate chair desk for study in prep room. In addition to the well balanced daily program for boarders that includes academics, extra-activities, games etc. There are opportunities to take advantages of the school’s many facilities in and out doors.

A full range of weekend activities are provided for hostelers which may include dramas, a visit to the theater, a game, a puppet show, mime, debate competition, a lecture on some interesting aspects, a picnic, an excursion to a historical site and much more.

The hostel staff at almighty hostel is a team of professionals with vast experience under the direct supervision of the principal, who really makes personal efforts to ensure boarding at gisss is like a real home.

Each floor of the boarding house is supervised by an experienced residential house parent. Many other resident faculty members are also involved in the school’s full program of special activities, which includes formal dining and presentations by visiting speakers from many walks of life. In addition, all students whether boarding or day, belong to a small tutor group led by faculty tutor, who has the responsibility for their personal welfare and academic progress. He is a personal mentor who counsels students on real life issue besides their academic concerns.

Through the power of truth,

There is wealth, through the power of
Balanced diet, there is health

It is true that a healthy body contains a healthy mind. Therefore, the role of nutritious food and balanced diet becomes vital so it becomes our utmost duty to keep our body and mind stable and healthy. As the trend follows, the school has to prescribe a menu to the students to maintain uniformity and imbibe a sense of responsibility within them. Keeping the same in mind, the school has designed the following menu for the holistic growth and development of the child.

Composition ratio of the high fiber wheat flour

  • Wheat atta – 5kg
  • Soyabean atta – 1kg
  • Chana atta – 1kg
  • Methi atta – 100gms.


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